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Year of Establishment :- 1972

Zoology subject is offered at UG level in combination with Chemistry and Microbiology. It aims to teach concepts, principles and procedures of study of the animal world to our young minds striving to usher them to take up challenges of unraveling the mysteries of the mother earth.
Department of Zoology is one of the pioneer science departments in this college. Established in the year 1972 under the able leadership of Prof. Iqbal Deshmukh, the department has always strived to provide academic leadership to the subject of Zoology by maintaining teaching quality ensuring high academic performance of the students. Consistent with their illustrious predecessors, the current generation of teachers is taking efforts to connect university syllabus with real life applications so that students receive an unparalleled learning experience in a thought-provoking milieu.

Highlights of Department

● Interactive teaching methods
● Use of ICT
● Use of novel teaching methods like Flipped Classroom
● Well-equipped laboratory with sufficient number of instruments
● Undergraduate Zoological Society
● Popularization of importance of Wildlife through outreach programs
● Collaborative activities with reputed institutions-like IISER, Pune
● Teachers on panel of Board of Studies of other institutions
● University Recognised Research Center for Ph. D. in Zoology