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Botony Department

About Department

Year of Establishment:- 1972

“Inculcate students with scientific temperament, environmental awareness & prepare them to face challenges in life”


Impart quality education in the field of plant sciences & to sensitize students towards the need for conserving natural resources.

The study of Botany is vital as plants are a fundamental part of life on Earth. The curriculum for the B.Sc. Botany Programme has been designed with an aim of encouraging the broad instructional goals and to support the growing demands and challenging trends in the educational scenario. It targets at providing an environment that encourages, promotes and stimulates the intellectual, professional and personal development of the student. The curriculum caters to the all-round development of the student, preparing globally ready individuals into the fast-pacing world. A three- year bachelor's degree program in Botany provides the foundation for prospective botanists to pursue a graduate level education or find an entry-level career.

Pioneer Teacher of the Department –

         Mr. S. R. Kalantri was pioneer teacher (since 9172) and Ex Head of the Department. He was M. Sc. M. Phil. in Botany. He was also on several statutory bodies of the University such as Member on the Faculty of Science, Board of Studies, Syllabus Committee etc.

         Dr. A. W. Subhedar, M. Sc. Ph.D. is Redear in Botany. He joined the department in 1977. He also a contributory visiting lecturer in Amravati University and colleges to teach to M. Sc. & M. Phil. classes. He has also worked on various statutory bodies of the University. He is a recognized supervisor (Guide) for doctoral research. Four Ph. D. awardees are to his credit.

Highlights of Department

  • Well Established Botanical Garden
  • Virtual Laboratory
  • Flash Card Album
  • Well preserved Botanical Herbarium
  • Almost 100% academic result every year
  • Actively involved in academic and social extension activities
  • Prominent Alumni of the Department

  • Dr. D. V. Hande
  • Miss Komal Mankani
  • Miss Pooja Sawasakade
  • Mr. Tushar A. Lohit
  • Dr. Ninad Dharkar

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