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Common Development Committee

College Development Committee (2021-2025)
A) Chairperson of the management or his nominee, ex- officio Chairperson Shri Pradipkumarji Lunawat
B) Secretary of the Management or his nominee Adv. Ashish kumarji Rathi
C) One head of the department to be nominated by the Principal or head of the Institute Dr. D.K. Shrungare
D) Three teachers in the college or recognized Institution elected by the full-time amongst themselves out of whom at least on shall be women. 1. Dr. Mrs. M. Y. Kopulwar
2. Dr. S. A. Rodge
3.Dr. A. V. Chinchamaltpure
E) One non-teaching employee elected by regular non- teaching staff from amongst themselves. Shri D. G. Mendhe
F) Four Local members nominated by the management in consultation with the Principal, from the field of education. Industry, research and social service of whom at least one shall be alumnus. 1. Shri Pradipkumarji Lunawat
2. Dr. Prakashkumarji Rathi
3. Dr. Asitji Pasari
4.Shri Chandrashekharji Pasari
G) Co-ordinator , Internal Quality Assurance Committee of the College Dr. A. G. Naranje
H) President and secretary of the College student Council
I) Principal of the College or head of the Institution. Dr. Y.B. Gandole
Local Managing Committee (LMC) Jr. College (Vide Resolution No.2 , dated 23/01/2021) (2021-2025)
1 Chairman Shri Pradipkumarji Lunawat
2 Member Dr. Prakashkumarji Rathi
3 Member Dr. Asitji Pasari
4 Member Shri Chandrashekharji Pasari
5 Teacher Representative Shri D.S. Laskari