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Criterion Wise Metrics

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Criterion-I: Curricular Aspects(100)

Key Indicator Title
Metric No Title View
1.1.1(A) Academic Attendance
1.1.1(B) Academic Diary
1.1.1(C) Combine Time Table
1.1.2(A) University academic calendar 2020-21 combine
1.1.2(B) Proposed Academic Calender College
1.1.2(C) Internal Assessement all
1.1.3(A) University Exam Participate
1.1.3(B) University Work Participation
Metric No Title View
1.2.1(A) CBCS System - Final
1.2.2 Certificate Course All
1.2.3 Name and Number of Students in add on courses
Metric No Title View
1.3.1(A) Format Cross Cutting
1.3.1(B) University Syllabus All
1.3.2(A) Project List
1.3.2(B) Project Work Final
1.3.2(C) Syllabus Commerce Final Year
1.3.2(D) Project List
Metric No Title View
1.4.1 A) Feedback report all 2020-21
1.4.2 B) ACTION TAKEN REPORT 2020-21