Rules & Regulation

For the overall development of the students, college has set some rules for them which must be followed by them in the college premises. A student must:

1. Respect National Anthem and National Flag.

2. Attend college regularly and be punctual.

3. Bring prescribed books and complete homework/ assignments on time.

4. Carry identity card every day.

5. Ragging and smoking is strictly prohibited. Necessary action will be taken if found guilty.

6. Submit application for absence. Medical certificate will be required for leave of more than three days.

7. Seek principal’s permission for organizing any program in the college premises.

8. Any sort of indiscipline will not be tolerated. Required action will be taken.

9. Change in address should be communicated to the college.

10. Maintain silence in the college.

11. Uniform is compulsory, except on Thursdays.

12. Complaint Box/ Suggestion Box are available for the students in the library.

13. The first Thursday of every month will be observed as No Vehicle Day.