Winners of DAE's All India Essay Contest in Nuclear Science & Technology

Sr. No Year Name Subject Prize
1 1996 S.R. Panpaliya Nuclear power in the National Energy Scenario Consolation
2 1997 Ku. K.A. Bhagwat Radiation & Radioisotopes- a Boon not a Bane First
3 1998 Ku.S.S.Agrawal Nuclear Power Generation and Radioisotope application in India Third
4 K.S.Tankhiwale Consolation
5 1999 A.H. Lohiya Progress and Prospects of Indian Nuclear Power & Non Power Programmes First
6 Ku.P.P.Loya Consolation
7 2000 I.R.Gupta Non Power Application of Nuclear Energy Consolation
8 Ku.S.B.Pande Consolation
9 2002 P.G.Pohekar Application of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technologies for Societal Development Third
10 2003 Ku.S.A.Bopache Radio and Radioisotopes for Better Quality of Life First
11 Ku.S.S.Gogate Consolation
12 2004 Ku.H.R.Dhore Emerging areas of applications of radioisotopes and radiation technology- current states in the Indian context. First
13 Ku. A.J. Taori Third
14 2006 Ku P.V.Parvekar Achievements and Future Prospects of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology in India. Second
15 2006 Ku P.D.Deshmukh Energy Scenario in India- Emerging technologies in Nuclear Power Generation for safe and Sustainable Growth. Consolation
16 2007 Ku D.K.Zamare Progress and Prospects of Beam Technologies in the Indian Context First
17 2008 Ku P.N.Deshmukh Nuclear Technologies in service of Mankind- Indian Scenario Second
18 2008 Ku S.M.Chhaged Powering India – Nuclear power for Sustainable Development Consolation
19 2009 Ku S.A.Deshmukh Reaping the Benefits of Radiation Technologies-DrBhabha’sVision,Groth and Current Scenario in India Third