b Adarsha Science, J. B. Arts and Birla Commerce Mahavidyalaya, Dhamangaon Rly

Blood Donation

The importance of blood donation can never be over-emphasized. It instills a sense of sacrifice in human beings that is the hallmark of love, compassion and humanity. The blood of a human being can save the life of another when no other way of help can be of use. Hence, it is mandated that blood banks at all times should have at their disposal, a sufficient stock of blood. In today’s world of advanced healthcare, it will be a shame even if a single person dies for want of blood. Thankfully in India, many social organizations have been tirelessly working for the noble cause of the movement of blood donation.

As an institution that has always prided itself for being committed to humanitarian and philanthropic causes, and to inculcate the importance of this cause in future citizens of India, Adarsha Mahavidyalaya has taken been organizing annual blood donation camps since 1998. The camp is organized on 12th January each year as a mark of reverence to the great visionary, Swami Vivekananda whose birth anniversary is celebrated on this day as Yuvak Din.

The college receives whole-hearted patronage from its parent society in this activity. Various reputed blood banks of the region have supported this activity over the years. Above all, students of the college and youth of area remain the backbone of this endeavour.