Department of Botany

Research Activities

1)Laboratory Recognition

University Recognized Botany Research Centre with intake capacity of 03 research scholars

2) Thrust Area of research:

  • Mycology
  • Taxonomy
  • Plant Physiology

3) Minor Research Project

Name of the Principal Investigator




Grant / Amount Mobilized

S. T. Pendam

“Ethnobotanical study of Amravati district (Maharashtra) with reference to some tribes”

University Grant Commission, Delhi

Completed 2015

Rs. 1.40 Lakh

S. P. Patil

“Assessment of Crop Irrigation Potential of Saline belt around Daryapur, District-Amravati.”

University Grant Commission, Delhi

Proposed 2015

Rs. 4.50 Lakh

4) Research Guidance

S. N.

Name of supervisor

Name of research student

Title of Project

Issue Date



S. T. Pendam

S. P. Patil

Ku. Dhabhade

Ku. Sawsakade

Ku. Pawar

Separation and observation of plant pigment in medicinal plants ofApocynaceaefamily using paper chromatography.

28 August 2015

B. Sc. Final


S. T. Pendam

S. P. Patil

Ku. Dafe

Ku. Gomase

Ethnobotanical study of MangarulDastagir region of Dhamangaon Rly with reference to some medicinalplants.

03 September 2015

B. Sc. Final